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Recipe #1 - Cream Cheese, Medleys & Crackers

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

*For most of my recipes, the ingredient amounts are not given as it is completely up to you (and your taste buds) how much to use or make. Please think of them as suggestions, delicious suggestions that I make for my family on a daily basis.


- A block of cream cheese

- A jar of your favorite medley

- Crackers, lots of crackers

  1. Unwrap your cream cheese and lay it on a plate (paper plates work just as well as fine china!).

  2. Take a knife and smooth some of the pepper medleys over the cream cheese. The top of the brick should be completely covered.

  3. Add some crackers to the plate (or a separate one) and use your knife to spread some of the cream cheese (with the pepper medley on top) on top of your crackers.

  4. Take a bite and enjoy!

Pro Tip- This is an excellent addition to any charcuterie board.

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