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Gourmet Pepper Medleys


Our pepper medleys can, and should be used to take any food or recipe you love to the next level. We suggest starting with a teaspoon and mixing that into your dish. Taste all of the new flavors and incorporate more as you see fit. Remember, the more you add, the more intense your flavor becomes.
Please pay attention to our custom heat rating. Five skulls equate to our hottest blend!
Please Taste, Enjoy, and Repeat.

Stop by our welcoming Online Shop for an unforgettable shopping experience.  We use Pepper to add Flavor to food!

Mellow Medley


5 oz. $7.50

1 out of 5 Skulls Heat Rating

Don't let the name fool you! Mellow has just a touch of heat but a smoldering flavor. Those who live life on the mild side will love our Mellow medley. Just remember, start small when adding the peppers. The more you add, the more intense the flavor becomes.

*This item can also be ordered with or without added sun-dried tomatoes!

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